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      The Global Crisis of Democracy

      Commentary / May 22, 2019

      As China and Russia attack free governments and push strongman rule, the U.S. has gone silent—and a new tide of authoritarianism is gathering, writes Larry Diamond. Read here.

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      Sudan on the Cusp of Democratic Change

      Commentary / May 22, 2019

      The West has to remember that what happens in the coming days and weeks could shape the political future of its 40 million people for years to come, writes Larry Diamond in his latest article on Sudan's struggle for democracy. Read here.

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      Despite political tensions, Stanford’s Saudi partnerships continue with little scrutiny

      Commentary / May 22, 2019

      "For years, Stanford scientists have collaborated with and received funding from the Saudi national laboratory, government-supported universities and the state-owned oil company Aramco. But despite having ties with Saudi Arabia much like MIT’s — including with several of the government institutions probed in the MIT report — Stanford has undertaken no broad review of its connections to Saudi Arabia. As a result, Stanford’s Saudi relationships have continued largely under the radar. Some at Stanford find these relationships uncontroversial or point to their scientific and cultural benefits.

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      Fisher Family CDDRL Honors Program 2019-20

      News / May 17, 2019

      We are proud to announce our next year's cohort of CDDRL Honors Program students! We selected a diverse group of undergraduate majors for the program who will be writing their senior theses on a subject touching upon DDRL with a global impact. Students will work to complete their thesis under the guidance and consultation of CDDRL faculty, but may have a primary thesis advisor from their own department.

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      PODCAST: China and the Global Challenges to Democracy: A Conversation with Larry Diamond

      Commentary / April 19, 2019

      In this episode of the Power 3.0 podcast, Larry Diamond discusses the Chinese Communist Party's range of influence and interference in activities that target the public, civic, and social institutions of democracies.


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      The Machines That Will Read Your Mind

      Commentary / April 5, 2019

      Jerry Kaplan discusses in The Wall Street Journal the emergence of even more sophisticated brain scans that are combining with artificial intelligence to produce tools that can track thoughts, test truthfulness and someday, perhaps, download our very selves. 


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      PODCAST: So what is RT exactly?

      Commentary / April 4, 2019

      Global Digital Policy Incubator’s Associate Director for Research, Megan Metzger, was on the Stats + Stories podcast speaking about RT news online, and how it fits into the Russian state’s information strategy.

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      VIDEO: Francis Fukuyama: This is what SA must do to recover and thrive

      Commentary / March 27, 2019

      Francis Fukuyama tells News24 that South Africa must ensure that its institutions are protected and remain committed to its constitution if it is to overcome the last decade and become competitive in the global economy. 

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      BOOK REVIEW: A Grand Fresco: The Origins of Political Order

      Commentary / March 25, 2019

      Global Inequality reviews Francis Fukuyama's book, "The Origins of Political Order."

      Read it here.

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      Identity Politics – The Demand for Dignity and the Nation State’s Future

      Commentary / March 20, 2019

      Watch Francis Fukuyama's lecture he gave in Vienna in March, 2019 on Identity and the Nation State’s Future as part of The ERSTE Foundation Tipping Point Talks 2019. Full video here.

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      U.S. INCOPACOM hosts Stanford FSI faculty and fellows visit

      Commentary / March 5, 2019

      20 Stanford faculty and fellows from the Shorenstein Asia-Pacific Research Center recently visited INDOPACOM, providing rare opportunity for participants to talk directly with senior U.S. military leaders in the region.

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      A Remedy for Government Shutdowns: “No Play, No Pay.”

      Commentary / February 5, 2019

      Bruce E. Cain tells The American Interest that a constitutional amendment could be just the incentive members of Congress need to compromise in the face of government shutdowns. Read it here

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