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The Leadership Academy for Development

What is LAD?

LAD trains mid-career government officials and business leaders from developing countries to help the private sector be a constructive force for economic growth and development. 

LAD Programs
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LAD Programs

The LAD course is designed as an intensive, off-site, executive-level training program in partnership with a collaborating host institution. Programs range in length from three to five days. Participants benefit from lectures and interactive teaching exercises led by an accomplished team of international scholars and locally-based experts. As a course participant, you will be given assignments that will require you to apply the ideas and skills gained to specific challenges you face in your professional duties.


LAD has developed a unique, multidisciplinary curriculum and multiple course offerings. Our basic course uses case studies that are tailor-made to illuminate the challenges associated with enhancing private sector performance in emerging economies. In addition to general leadership instruction, we offer courses on case study teaching and writing, implementing policy reform, and promoting behavior change. 

Alumni Network

LAD's training programs target promising, mid-level government officials and private sector practitioners from developing countries who have technocratic responsibilities and knowledge about private sector development issues, but must operate in politically charged environments. Our participants are generally from a common geographical region and play prominent roles in the formulation and implementation of policies and programs that affect the behavior of the private sector in their home countries.  We aim is to provide these reformers with a platform for networking and knowledge-sharing after the conclusion of a program.

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The Case Study Method

Instrumental to LAD's curriculum, our case studies address a wide range of issues in developing countries, and are designed to encourage you to think critically about key decisions that have led to policy reforms.

Media Highlights


Behavior Change and Compliance: Influencing the Behavior of Individuals and Businesses

Kent Weaver lectures for LAD at the World Bank, 2016.

Gifford Pinchot and Sustainable Forest Management

Gifford Pinchot and Sustainable Forest Management

Francis Fukuyama teaches a LAD case study, 2013.

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Leveling the Playing Field: Finance 101

Roger Leeds lectures at a LAD program in Brazil, 2016.

Video Library

Our library includes live case study classes, other live LAD lectures, student testimonials and interviews on policy reform.

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