LAD Training Programs

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Training Programs

LAD offers a unique, multidisciplinary curriculum that teaches participants how to be effective reform leaders, promoting sound public policies in complex and contentious settings.

Courses Offered

LAD's training programs are typically five days in length and held in partnership with a local public policy school, think tank or other academic institution. In addition to general leadership instruction, LAD also offers courses tailored to touch upon the issues and dilemmas relevant to your specific country. To learn more about arranging for a LAD program in your country, please visit our About Us page. Read more below for descriptions of our offered courses .


The Role of Public Policy in Private Sector Development

This is a four or five day intensive program exploring how government can encourage and enable the private sector to play a larger, more constructive role as a force for economic growth and development. The process includes small team interactions, with case studies drawn from all over the developing world. Major themes include: Industry promotion, investment promotion, public private partnerships in infrastructure, and access to finance.


Promoting Behavior Change

This course is designed to help participants be able to: Understand major barriers to compliance with government policy, and behavior change, develop and implement a research strategy to investigate barriers to compliance (including quantitative, qualitative, or mixed method strategies), and assess the advantages and disadvantages of specific strategies to address compliance problems.


Strategic Management of Policy Reform

Government efforts at policy reform in the developing world have often come up short. This course examines why policy reform initiatives often have disappointing results, and tries to give policymakers and policy implementers tools that can be useful in anticipating, addressing and overcoming challenges that they are likely to encounter in trying to bring about policy reforms.


Case Teaching and Case Study Writing

This workshop course is designed to develop skills that faculty in policy-focused universities and training institutions can use both to develop interactive and participant-centered teaching styles and to help faculty develop skills in case writing. It can be offered in multiple formats, with differing degrees of emphasis on case teaching and case writing.