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Comparing American and European Strategies for Democracy Promotion

Conventional wisdom holds that the United States and the European Union pursue vastly different strategies to promote democracy around the globe. The U.S. is often perceived to rely on coercion, while the EU employs "soft power." This project completed a book demonstrating that American and European strategies to spread democracy display far more similarities than differences. For the first time, leading European and American experts systematically compare U.S. and EU strategies to promote democracy around the world - from the Middle East and the Mediterranean, to Latin America, the former Soviet bloc, and Southeast Asia. In doing so, the authors debunk the pernicious myth that there exists a transatlantic divide over democracy promotion, and lay the foundations for a more nuanced, constructive transatlantic dialogue about one of the great challenges of our time.


Amichai Magen
Thomas Risse
Michael A. McFaul