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Transitions from Hybrid Regimes: External Influence and Domestic Constraints in Rule of Law Reforms

hybrid regimes


Amichai Magen
Leonardo Morlino
SUMI, Florence

The Rule of Law is perhaps the key indicator of democratic consolidation and quality, yet its development has eluded many transitional states. At the dawn of the 21st Century international actors play a critical, yet under-researched role in domestic processes of democratic development. This project brings together these two insights to develop new theoretical and empirical knowledge about the interaction between external influence and domestic legal, institutional and normative development. It focuses on the interaction between a powerful international agency, the European Union (EU), and processes of political change in four neighboring countries: Romania, Turkey, Serbia and Ukraine.

The reports posted on this site are the product of collaborative research between CDDRL, SUMI and experts from the four subject countries. The reports were presented and discussed at a conference generously hosted by Sabanci University, Istanbul, Dec 12-15, 2005.


Sorana Pârvulescu
Ana Demsorean
Bogdan Vetrici-Soimu