Lodewijk L. Gelauff

Lodewijk L. Gelauff

  • CDDRL Postdoctoral Fellow (Deliberative Democracy Lab), 2023-24


Lodewijk Gelauff is a Postdoctoral Scholar at the Deliberative Democracy Lab in CDDRL. He is an interdisciplinary scholar and received his doctorate in Management Science and Engineering from Stanford in 2023 with his dissertation on "Design and Evaluation of Online Technologies for Societal Decision Making."

In his work, he works with societal decision-makers to use and improve tools to engage residents or stakeholders in their decisions. As part of this, he managed the development and use of a few tools, including a video chat platform to facilitate small-group discussions without a human moderator and a voting platform for participatory budgeting that is used by dozens of cities in the United States.

In his recent work, he focuses on designing experiments and developing data sets that allow more in-depth analysis of how stakeholders use these technologies in practice. Lodewijk is actively involved as a volunteer with the Wikimedia community and was named the Wikimedia Laureate (a career award) in 2021 for his volunteer activities.