The New Relationship Between Community and Journalism


  • Kevin Davis


In this talk Davis focuses on how community-focused nonprofit newsrooms and data providers are reinventing the business model of journalism while focusing on the communities INN serves. He talks about how journalism, technology and community are changing the face of democracy both in US and abroad. Davis discusses different examples of non-profit investigative news organizations and how they are shaping the nature of “news”. He also discusses the importance of making non-profit investigative journalism sustainable, and examines different models that are followed by non-profit investigative journalism organizations for raising resources. 

Speaker Bio

Kevin Davis is CEO and Executive Director of the Investigative News Network (INN), a growing consortium of more than 80 nonprofit newsrooms producing nonpartisan investigative and public interest journalism. Davis oversees INN’s efforts to promote the sustainability of its member organizations, and increase the impact of their reporting through collaboration.