Politics in Developing Countries


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This second edition of the highly regarded Politics in Developing Countries again presents case studies of experiences with democracy in Asia, Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East, along with the editors' synthesis of the factors that facilitate and obstruct the development of democracy around the world. The new edition adds a chapter on South Africa and brings the other nine studies current through 1994.

The recent developments covered in the book include:

  • the reemergence of democratic politics in Chile
  • the impeachment of President Collor and the crisis of democracy in Brazil
  • the growing pressure for substantive democratization in Mexico
  • the 1994 elections in Chile, Brazil, and Mexico
  • the leadership transition in Turkey following the death of President Ozal
  • the growing ethnic and religious strife in India
  • the overthrow and reemergence of democracy in Thailand and the country's economic boom
  • the quest for democratic consolidation in South Korea under new President Kim Young Sam
  • the political and economic crisis in Nigeria
  • the difficulties facing the one-party dominant regime in Senegal following the 1993 elections
  • the 1994 elections and democratic transition in South Africa
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