David Yeliang Xia

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David Yeliang Xia

  • Visiting Scholar 2012-13

Lou Henry Hoover Building
Stanford, CA 94305-6010


Yeliang Xia is a professor in the Department of Economics at Peking University. His research fields include institutional economics, macroeconomic analysis and public policy, economic history, and labor economics. He has been teaching Principles of Economics, Labor Economics, Institutional Economics, and Western Economic History at Peking University since 2000.

He was deputy director of the institute of public policy, China Society for Restructuring Economic System (2003 –2009) and deputy director of the Center for Western Economic Theory, Peking University(2004--2009). He is also one of the founders of Cathay Institute of Public Affairs (CIPA or “Jiuding” in Chinese).

His books, the Economic Anatomy of Public Issues (2002) and the Weight that Economics Could Not Bear (2003) analyzed economic reform, institutional change and public issues in contemporary China.