Artem Romanyukov

  • Visiting Scholar, Ukrainian Emerging Leaders Program 2019-20


Artem Romaniukov is the chairman of the board for the Civil Control Platform and co-founder at the Save Dnipro initiative in Dnipro, Ukraine. Civil Control Platform (CCP) is one of the leading anti-corruption organizations in Ukraine involved both in national and local issues. Save Dnipro is a successful environmental civil initiative in Ukraine promoting innovations and fighting for the environmental rights of Ukrainians. Within CCP Artem fights corruption byconducting investigations and promoting the e-democracy and transparency solutions for Ukrainian local governments and implemented the launch of the new public e-procurement system ProZorro at the local level.    In addition to this work, Artem has been elected as a member of the Civil Oversight Council of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine three times. He was also recognized by Novoye Vremya magazine for the People of Novoye Vremya award for his work on local reforms.   Romanyukov’s project aims to continue judicial, Police and Prosecutor’s Office reform in Ukraine from the HR perspective.

In The News

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Since 2005, the Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies has cultivated rich academic ties and friendships with Ukrainian scholars and civic leaders as part of our mission to support democracy and development domestically and abroad.
A History of Unity: A Look at FSI’s Special Relationship with Ukraine