Stanford scholars weigh in on Burma’s political transition


burma by election 2012
A woman places her ballot into the election box in the April 2012 by-elections in Burma.
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Wikipedia Commons/ Htoo Tay Zar

During a recent trip to Burma, CDDRL’s Larry Diamond and Francis Fukuyama sat down with The Irrawaddy to weigh in on the country’s democratic transition and the upcoming general elections this November. In a series of interviews, both scholars highlighted recent events—including an internal political coup while they were there—to caution against these setbacks and suggest reforms to support Burma’s political development.


Larry Diamond Interviews:

'The USDP is Giving Itself an Electroal Handicap'

'Democracy is Not Going to be Achieved Fully in the November Elections


Francis Fukuyama Interview:

"It's Not That Hard to Hold a Free and Fair Election'