Fukuyama awarded international book prize


Francis Fukuyama addresses a crowd during a conference in Tbilisi, Georgia. 1 Sept. 2014.
Photo credit: 
Government of Georgia

Francis Fukuyama is the 2015 recipient of Portugal’s Estoril Global Issues Distinguished Book Prize for his recent book, Political Order Political Decay – From the Industrial Revolution to the Globalization of Democracy. Awarded every other year, the Estoril Prize recognizes original scholarship that includes a clear set of policy recommendations on global issues. Fukuyama traveled to Portugal to accept the prize in May during the Estoril Conference, which assembles global leaders and thinkers in Cascais, Portugal.

Previous recipients of the award include:

2013 - Civilization - The West and the Rest by Niall Ferguson

2011 - The Idea of Human Rights by Charles Beitz

2009 - Creating a World without Poverty by Muhammad Yunus and The Bottom Billion by Paul Collier (ex-aqueo)