Announcing the 2011-12 pre and post-doctoral fellows

Each year, CDDRL awards fellowships to four outstanding pre and post-doctoral students who are in the write-up stage or recent graduates from doctoral programs examining the fields of democracy, development, and the rule of law. Fellows spend the academic year at the Center completing their projects, participating in seminars, and interacting with the resident faculty and research staff.

The selection process was extremely competitive this year, as the Center received 95 applications to the program and awarded four fellowships to scholars whose research demonstrated significant depth and alignment with the mission and research programming at the Center. The scholarly community at CDDRL will be enriched and enhanced by the addition of two pre-doctoral and two post-doctoral scholars hailing from leading graduate programs in the United States. Fellows will be arriving in September to begin the nine month fellowship.

Please join CDDRL in welcoming:


Michael Albertus

Post-doctoral Fellow
Stanford University
Ph.D. In Political Science, expected June 2011
Research Interests: Political Regimes, Democratization, Autocratic Survival, Wealth Redistribution, Economic Inequality, Clientelism 
Dissertation: "Political Regimes and Redistribution"


Eric Kramon

Pre-doctoral Fellow
University of California Los Angeles 
Ph.D. In Political Science, expected June 2012
Research Interests: Clientelism, Distributive Politics, Democratization, Politics and Health, Political Economy of Development, Natural Resource Politics, African Politics, Experimental Methods
Dissertation: "Clientelism, Vote Buying and Democracy in Africa"


Reo Matsuzaki

Post-doctoral Fellow
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Ph.D. In Political Science, expected June 2011
Research Interests: Civil War and Post-Conflict Reconstruction, Ethnic and Identity Politics, Comparative-Historical Analysis of Governance Institutions, East Asia
Dissertation: "Institutions by Imposition: Colonial Lessons for Contemporary State- Building"


Alexander Ruiz Euler

Pre-doctoral Fellow
University of California San Diego
Ph.D. In Political Science, expected September 2013
Research Interests: Inequality, Poverty, Democratization, Public Goods
Dissertation: "The Effects of Income Inequality in the Provision of Public Goods: The Case of Mexico"