Elaine Rosa, Agência de Redes para Jovens


  • Elaine Rosa

This talk is presented in Portuguese.
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Speaker Bio: 
Elaine Rosa is a 26-year-old college student of cultural production who has also received training in hospitality and tourism. Of popular origins, Elaine comes from a family with deep roots in socially conscious music movements, from the Brazilian samba and gafieira sounds to American black music. Besides the musical influences, she also thanks her early politicization and rise in social consciousness to her stepmother’s teachings, who raised her from the age of five. An active participant in the hip-hop and black movements in Rio, since the age of fifteen, Elaine has been engaged in the dissemination of local culture in all spaces she passes through, from the church to the neighborhood. Elaine currently resides in the Chapadão complex – one of the most underserved and dangerous favela groupings in Rio, located in the city’s North zone – and mainly acts in the Pavuna region where she organizes the event “Black Fair,” a project for the valorization of back women. In addition, Elaine also acts in her community through various development projects in music and arts and is also involved in the production of cultural events in collaboration with local businesses. Elaine attributes the personal desire to realize projects that can foster change in people’s lives to her spirituality that has basis on the messianic church.
This presentation was presented during CDDRL's Program on Poverty and Governance's 2015 conference, "Educational and Entrepreneurial Initiatives to Support Youth in Places of Violence." The conference was held on April 28-29, 2015, at Stanford University.
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Elaine Rosa, Feira Crespa