Big Data Predictions: Using Your Skills for Good


  • Tim Catlin

Abstract is an open platform empowering people to create the change they want to see all over the world. In the video Catlin gives the overview of the company and how they use data science to achieve their mission. 

Speaker Bio

Tim Catlin was formerly a CTO/GM at Zynga and previously VP of Engineering at Adchemy and CTO at Netcentives, which he helped take public. Tim is now VP of Engineering at
He is a startup veteran of all shapes and sizes. He has now been in 7 startups holding roles from VP Eng to CTO to Founder. In between, he worked at Apple and Intuit (online banking) and (parent of lending tree, doing marketing optimization). He even did a stint working in applied research on the pre-cursors to the web known as hypermedia.