The Voice of Palestinian Civil Society: A Call for Non-Violent Resistanace



Dr. Mustafa Barghouti,

Date and Time

March 5, 2012 7:00 PM - 12:00 AM



Open to the public.

RSVP required by 5PM March 05.


Cubberley Auditorium 459 Lasuen Mall Stanford, CA, 94305

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Dear members of the Arab Studies Table, 

You are cordially invited to a private informal networking event with  world-renowned Palestinian activist, MP, and former presidential candidate and Nobel Peace Prize nominee  

 Dr. Mustafa Barghouti  

on Monday March 5, 6-7pm   

at CISAC central conference room, Encina Hall 2nd floor

followed by a speech at

Cubberley Auditorium

at 7:00pm

The event is an exclusive opportunity for the members of the Arab Studies Table to meet and network with Dr. Barghouti, who will be delivering a speech afterwards at the Cubberley Auditorium (at 7pm) on non-violent activism in Palestine. Please see attached flyer for further details. The Cubberley talk is a public event.  

We hope you can join us for the informal networking event with Dr. Barghouti on March 5 at 6pm. Coffee, refreshments, and cookies will be served!  

Please RSVP by replying to Arab Studies Table coordinator Brian Johnsrud ( with your name and affiliation. Non-Arab Studies Table guests are welcome if they are accompanied by a Table member (please send their names when you RSVP). Please RSVP by Sunday March 4.

Dr. Barghouti's bio:

Member of the Palestinian parliament; former Minister of Information under the 2007 National Unity Government; 2005 presidential candidate; General Secretary of the Palestinian National Initiative; physician; social, political, human rights and peace activist; one of the most active grassroots leadersin Palestine; campaigner for the development of Palestinian civil society and grassroots democracy; outspoken advocate of internal reform; international spokesperson for the Palestinian cause; leading figure in the non-violent, peaceful struggle against the Occupation; and organizer of international solidarity presence in the Palestine, Mustafa Barghouthi has made an extraordinary contribution to initiatives to peacefully challenge the ongoing Israeli Occupation of Palestine and bring it to end, as well as efforts to build the institutional framework of Palestinian civil society and promote the principles of internal democracy and good governance.  He writes extensively for local and international audiences on civil society and democracy issues and the political situation in Palestine, as well as on health development policy in Palestine. In 2010 Dr. Mustafa Barghouthi was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize by Mairead Maguire, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate and Co-founder of the Peace People. 

In 2002, Dr. Barghouthi co-founded Al Mubadara (the Palestinian National Initiative, PNI), along with Dr. Edward Said, Dr. Haider Abdel-Shafi and Mr. Ibrahim Dakak, and currently serves as its General Secretary.  Al Mubadara is a democratic opposition movement that provides a reformist, inclusive, democratic alternative to both autocracy and corruption, and to fundamentalist groups.  It looks to achieve this by promoting an accountable and transparent democratic system in Palestine, and by strengthening contacts between Palestinians in the Territories and those in the Diaspora.  It also seeks to develop mass non-violence and international solidarity as the preferred means of ending the Israeli Occupation and achieving lasting peace, and to mobilize public opinion by making the Palestinian story visible in the international media.  

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