Rape in War Time. A History to Be Written



Isabelle Delpla, University of Montpellier III
Norman Naimark, Stanford University, FSI Senior Fellow by courtesy
Helen Stacy, Program on Human Rights

Date and Time

April 16, 2012 12:00 PM - 1:15 PM


Open to the public.

No RSVP required


Richard and Rhoda Goldman Conference Room

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Nadejda Marques

Isabelle Delpla is assistant professor of philosophy, HDR in philosophy and political science, University Montpellier III, and member of the Research Center Triangle (UMR CNRS 5206). Her research focuses on the relation between philosophy and anthropology and on international ethics and justice. She has carried out fieldwork in postwar Bosnia (with victim associations; warcrime trial prosecution and defense witnesses; and convicted war criminals). Her work on postwar Bosnia deals with the Srebrenica massacre, the reception of the International criminal tribunal (ICTY) and the status of victim and witnesses (see Peines de la guerre, La justice pénale internationale et l’ex-Yougoslavie, coedited with M. Bessone, EHESS, 2010 et Investigating Srebrenica, coedited with X. Bougarel et J.-L. Fournel, Berghahn, forthcoming in 2012; Viols en temps de guerre, Paris, Payot, 2011, coedited with R. Branche, F. Virgili,  J. Horne, P. Lagrou, D Palmieri). On this basis, she is developing a (philosophical) attempt at moving beyond moral and political solipsism in a general theorizing of international ethics and justice (See Le mal en procès. Eichmann et les théodicées modernes, Hermann, 2011).

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