2021 CDDRL Fisher Family Honors Program Award Winner Presentations


Date and Time

June 3, 2021 11:30 AM - 12:45 PM


The CDDRL Spring seminar series will be open to the Stanford community via Zoom and will be recorded for the general public to watch later. 

Online, via Zoom: REGISTER

Please join us for our final seminar to hear our Honors Program award winners present their research. 

Audrey Bloom - Firestone Award Winner
Major: Human Biology
Advisor: Terry Moe
Thesis Title: How Doctors Influence the Price of Healthcare in the United States and Japan: The Critical Role of Interest Group Politics in America’s Healthcare Cost Crisis

Hiroto Saito - CDDRL Outstanding Thesis Winner
Major: International Relations
Advisor: Dr. Gil-li Vardi, Dr. Stephen Stedman
Thesis Title: Colombia after the FARC: Has Peace Really Arrived?

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