CDDRL Social Media

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CDDRL has an active presence on almost all major social media platforms. Many of our faculty are active on Twitter and Medium. Our YouTube channel is an impressive catalog of lectures, inspiring professional and personal stories by our fellows and a collection of case studies.

Follow CDDRL faculty and researchers on Twitter (listed in alphabetical order):

Ayça Alemdaroğlu @makrevis
Michael Bennon @mbennon 
Clayborne Carson @ClayborneCarson
Alberto Diaz Cayeros @diazcayeros 
Larry Diamond @LarryDiamond 

Pascaline Dupas @dupaspascaline

Francis Fukuyama @FukuyamaFrancis

Anna Grzymala-Busse @AnnaGBusse

Saumitra Jha @saumjha

Hakeem Jefferson @hakeemjefferson

Jerry Kaplan @Jerry_Kaplan

Didi Kuo @didikuo1 
Beatriz Magaloni @BMagaloni
Michael McFaul @McFaul
Abbas Milani @milaniabbas
Dinsha Mistree @dmistree
Nathaniel Persily @persily
Hesham Sallam @WazirElKif 

Stephen Stedman @stephenjstedman

Kathryn Stoner @kath_stoner

Paul Wise @Drpablowise