The Egyptian Left and the Legacies of Abdel-Nasser and Sadat

This article is part of a symposium examining the left-wing politics in the MENA region. The symposium aims to shed light on important and timely issues, such as why the left-wing's power and influence has declined since the 1960s and the 1970s and what could be the future of the left in the region. These broad questions are further grounded in case studies that aim to shed light on individual countries and their left-wing movements. Egypt, Iran, Morocco, Israel and Turkey are among those case studies included. The symposium includes seven articles featuring Idriss Jebari, Sune Haugbolle, Hesham Sallam, Siavush Randjbar, Sevgi Adak, Avraham Shilon, Khalil Dahbi and an interview with Gilbert Achcar.