Teiana Gonsalves

Teiana Gonsalves

  • CDDRL Honors Student, 2023-24


Major: Political Science
Minor: Native American Studies
Hometown: Kailua, Hawaiʻi
Thesis Advisor: Hakeem Jefferson

Tentative Thesis Title: Analyzing Food Insecurity in Hawaiʻi and Opportunities for Sustainable Development

Future aspirations post-Stanford: After completing my undergraduate studies, I plan to pursue a joint Juris Doctorate and Master in Public Policy degree. I strive to work as a federal policymaker and specialize in legislation strengthening Hawaiʻi’s economic resilience and sustainability, leveraging legislation to foster economic diversification and investment in food security. I’m passionate about serving my home state by crafting policy championing economic development and diversification, sustainability and climate resilience, and Native Hawaiian empowerment.

A fun fact about yourself: I’ve competed in outrigger canoe paddling and kayaking throughout my life, including paddling in a forty-one-mile canoe race between two islands in the Hawaiian chain (Molokaʻi to Oʻahu). I also ran a cupcake and cake business in high school!