Bilal Siddiqi

Bilal Siddiqi

Minerva Postdoctoral Fellow (ESOC Project)

Encina Hall
616 Serra Street
Stanford, CA 94305-6055

Research Interests

Micro-institutions, aid effectiveness, state accountability, peace-building, formal and informal legal systems.


Bilal Siddiqi is a postdoctoral scholar affiliated with the Empirical Studies of Conflict project ( His research focuses on micro-institutions, formal and informal legal systems, peace-building and state accountability in post-conflict settings. He is currently involved in several field experiments in Sierra Leone and Liberia, including a randomized controlled trial of two non-financial incentive mechanisms in Sierra Leone’s public health sector; experimental evaluations of community-based paralegal programs in Liberia and Sierra Leone; and a randomized controlled trial of a community reconciliation program in Sierra Leone.

Bilal received his Ph.D. and M.Phil. in economics from Oxford University, where he studied as a Rhodes Scholar. Prior to Stanford, he was based at the Institute for International Economic Studies (IIES) at Stockholm as a Marie Curie / AMID Scholar; and has also spent time at the Center for Global Development in Washington, DC, where he worked on aid effectiveness in global health. He holds a B.Sc. (Hons) from the Lahore University of Management Sciences in Lahore, Pakistan.