CDDRL director Larry Diamond expands democratic teachings beyond the Stanford classroom


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Larry Diamond teaches a back to school class, "Will Democracy Come to the Arab World?" during Parents’ Weekend in February 2012.
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L.A. Cicero / Stanford News Service

In an effort to democratize its educational offerings, Stanford University is offering free courses this year through online interactive learning platforms. In April, CDDRL Director Larry Diamond will be teaching a free 10 –week online course on comparative democratic development. The course will provide a broad and introductory survey of the political, social, cultural, economic, institutional, and international factors that foster or obstruct the development and consolidation of democracy.

A course traditionally offered to upper division undergraduates, Diamond's Democratic Development online course is designed for a global audience covering the foundations of democratic theory, ideas, and lessons to help build and improve democracy around the world. The class is offered through Coursera, an online education platform founded by Stanford professors.

"I am thrilled to be able to offer this course on a global platform to reach thousands of aspiring students of democratic development around the world," said Diamond. " It is my hope that this course will benefit those living in societies where democracy is undeveloped or at risk and could empower many with the tools to advance democratic change."

An upwards of 5,000 globally have currently enrolled in the course. The class is intended for individuals in college or beyond, with some academic background or preparation in political science or the social sciences. The course will consist of weekly lecture videos that are followed by an online quiz. Students can become active participants and engage in further discussions facilitated through online chat sessions. After successfully completing the course, participants will have the opportunity to earn a certificate of completion.

For more information about the course and to register please click here.