CANCELLED: Lecture by Acting Minister of Health of Ukraine Ulana Suprun, MD: The Lenin Sanatorium Emancipation: Inmates & Architects in Ukraine's Healthcare Transformation

Date and Time

May 8, 2019 3:00 PM


William J. Perry Conference Room
Encina Hall, Second Floor, Central, C231
616 Jane Stanford Way, Stanford, CA 94305

Ukraine reclaimed independence from the Soviet Union in 1991, yet instead of implementing wide ranging institutional change to develop and prepare Ukraine for the 21st century, reform programs were burdened by legacy system support. Designing new institutions based on transparency, ecology, proportions and coverage, all architectural elements of a new social contract, only started after the 2013-2014 Revolution of Dignity. Transforming Ukraine’s healthcare system is about emancipating Ukrainian society from the Soviet sanatorium, a metaphor for ineffective administration, outdated medical standards and protocols that deny patients access to modern evidence-based healthcare solutions.

This is a unique opportunity to hear from an insider’s perspective how building a new healthcare system based on an open competitive market and universal health coverage with a single payer has changed the relationship between the government and the citizen.

Speaker Bio:

Acting Minister of Health of Ukraine Ulana Suprun, MD

Dr. Suprun received her MD from Michigan State University College of Human Medicine. She is a Board Certified Radiologist who worked in both private and academic settings, eventually becoming the Vice Director of Medical Imaging of Manhattan in New York, NY and an Assistant Clinical Professor of Pathology at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, NY. During the Revolution of Dignity in Ukraine in 2013, Dr. Ulana Suprun served in the volunteer medical services. In 2014, when Russia started a war by invading and illegally annexing Crimea, and then occupying parts of Eastern Ukraine, she founded the NGO Patriot Defence, an organization that provides tactical medical training and distributed NATO Standard Improved First Aid kits to more than 36,000 soldiers and medical personnel on the battlefields. Dr. Suprun founded the School of Rehabilitation Medicine at the Ukrainian Catholic University in 2016 and served as its director until August 2016, when she was appointed Ukraine’s Minister of Health. Since then she and her team have implemented the largest healthcare transformation in Ukraine’s history.



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