LAD Course: CIPE and Ukrainian Catholic University


Date and Time

August 22, 2016 9:00 AM - August 26, 2016 3:30 PM


Lviv, Ukaine

This workshop course is designed to develop skills that faculty in policy-focused universities and training institutions can use both to develop interactive and participant-centered teaching styles and to help faculty develop skills in case writing. The first two days mostly involve "how to" lessons on both teaching and writing, interspersed with activities where the participants work in teams to do things like prepare case teaching plans and class openings that they present to all of the participants. The initial emphasis is on case teaching, since before participants can write a successful case, they must understand how learning in a case-oriented classroom takes place.  The workshop includes case discussions on several existing cases, combined with a “post-mortem” of what worked and what did not in both the written case and the case discussion. We discuss core teaching strategies including development of time management plans, whiteboard management plans, how to pose opening questions, “cold-calling” versus “warm calling,” and how to close a case-discussion class with “Take-Aways." In discussing case-writing, the course addresses issues such as how to decide on a case theme and learning objectives, what material should be included and left out (or relegated to appendices), and how to build participant engagement into the way a case is written.  Later workshop sessions will include topics such as how to write multi-player simulation exercises that have students play roles of participants in the policy situation.

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