Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


I'm not a Stanford student, can I still apply? 
Yes. Our fellowship program is open to applicants from outside of Stanford University.


Do you accept applications from outside of the United States? 
Yes. We accept applications from around the world.


I received my doctorate degree 3 or more years ago. Why am I not eligible? 
The university views postdoctoral fellowships a training opportunity for recent graduates. This is why they require that all appointed fellows have received their degree within 3 years at the start of the appointment. Since you received your degree over 3 years prior to the upcoming academic year, you are already considered a professional in your field thus making you ineligible for our program. 


Application Packet:

Should the research proposal be single or double spaced? 
Either will be fine.


What is a "letter of application"? 
The letter of application is basically a cover letter to your CV. It gives you an opportunity to introduce yourself to give us a better idea of your fit within our center. (research, accomplishments, goals ...etc.)


Submitting your application packet:

How do I submit my application?

The CDDRL Pre and Postdoctoral Fellowship program uses the WizeHive application system to manage all incoming applications.


How do I use WizeHive?
WizeHive is widely employed by other fellowship programs and should be easy to use. Here are some guidelines to take note of when using the application system:
• You can save your work at any time and return to the form at your convenience. You do not
need to complete the application form in one sitting. It is strongly suggested that you save your
work often by clicking on the "Save Draft" button at the end of the page.
• Once you submit your application form you can no longer return to make any changes. Please
review all your work before clicking the "Submit" button at the end of the application form.
• The system will notify you by email during the following stages in the application submission
1. When your application form has been received.
2. When letters of recommendation have been submitted on your behalf.

3. Once your application file is complete with a minimum of three letters of recommendation.


What are the requirements for submission via WizHive?

Applicants are required to submit a completed application form, letter of application of no more than 3 typed pages, current CV, three letters of recommendations, a statement of proposed research (5-10 pages) and a complete set of transcripts (undergraduate and graduate). 


Do you need official PhD transcripts?

Yes. All pre- and postdoctoral applicants must also include official PhD transcript. 


Do transcripts need to be translated into English?

Yes. All application documents must be in English.
Do you accept eTranscripts directly from my university registrars office? 
We do, providing that the transcript originates from a secure site formally linked to the sending institution and the documents are in English.
I attend a university that does not issue transcripts to doctoral students. What should I do?
Please send a certificate from the school stating that you are a doctoral candidate.  A list of the courses which you have completed would be helpful, as well as a degree or transcript from your masters program.

Can I fax my application file to you? 


Can I email my application file to you?

No.  Please submit your application files via WizeHive. 


What is your mailing address?

In the event that your university is not able to send an eTranscript, you may mail your official transcript using a dossier service offered through your university or Interfolio.  Avoid delivery dates that fall within the university winter closure (Thursday, December 21, 2023 through Wednesday, January 3, 2024), as our office will be will be closed. 
CDDRL Mailing Address:
Center on Democracy, Development and the Rule of Law 
Encina Hall
616 Jane Stanford Way, C141
Stanford, CA 94305
Attn. Kristin Chandler



Can I contact you to find out if my application packet is complete?

We are able to check if the documents you uploaded were received, but please wait until a week after the deadline to check if your application is complete. Please note that it is incumbent upon the applicant to follow with their recommenders. 


When will we be notified?

Mid to late February 


Other Questions:

How long is the fellowship?
Fellowships are granted for a term period of 9 months
Does the fellowship come with a stipend, benefits, and housing?
CDDRL predoctoral fellows receive stipends comparable to that awarded by the Stanford Graduate Fellowships program. The Center also pays non-matriculated student tuition for predoctoral fellows as required by Stanford University. Predoctoral fellows will be enrolled in Stanford's student medical insurance plan – Cardinal Care.
Post-doctoral fellows receive salaries commensurate with experience and with consideration given to university established minimums for a term period of 9 months.  Postdoctoral fellows will attend a mandatory benefits orientation soon after they arrive on campus and are provided health benefits. Fellows have the option of purchasing additional coverage for dependents.
Unfortunately, we are not able to provide housing. We can, however, refer fellows to the housing information that Stanford provides.

If I do not need funding, should I apply for a fellowship?
Yes, you should. Non-stipendiary applicants are considered in the same pool as those requesting stipends.
May I apply for a fellowship if I am not a U.S. citizen? 
Is a visa available through the CDDRL fellowship? 



How many of each (pre-doc/postdoc) are you planning on selecting this year?

We are planning on awarding two or more fellowship appointments this year. 


If I were to be selected as a postdoctoral fellow, but was unsuccessful at conferring the degree in time will I lose my fellowship appointment? 
We will most likely be able to appoint you as a pre-doctoral fellow for the full academic year, at the lower stipend level.


What other fellowship opportunities does CDDRL offer?  
Please visit our website at http://fsi.stanford.edu/fellowships for other fellowship opportunities.


I did not get selected, and/or was not eligible to apply for the CDDRL Pre- and Postdoctoral Fellowship. What other options are there? 
Occasionally (but rarely) we accept applications for visiting scholars and visiting researchers at our center. Please contact Kristin Chandler at kdchandl@stanford.edu for more information.


Additional Resources:

For information about being a postdoctoral scholar at Stanford, such as housing, cost of living, and other resources, please visit the website of Stanford's Office of Postdoctoral Affairs.

For questions and information related to international scholars, please visit the website of Stanford’s Bechtel International Center.