2021-22 Fisher Family Honors Presentations

2021-22 Fisher Family Honors Presentations

Wednesday, May 25, 2022 · 9:00 am to 4:00 pm
William J Perry Conference Room (Encina Hall Central, 2nd Floor)

Over the course of the academic year, CDDRL's honors students carry out original, policy-relevant research on democracy, development or the rule of law. During the last quarter of their senior year, they work independently with their faculty adviser to complete and submit their honors thesis. These formal presentations of their findings are the culmination of their research.

Presentation Schedule


Michal Skreta

Time: 9:00 am
Major: Economics and Political Science
Advisor: Larry Diamond
Thesis Title: Babies, Money, and Power: Estimating Causal Effects of the “Family 500+” Child Benefit Program in Poland Using the Synthetic Control Method   



Time: 9:35 am
Major: Symbolic Systems
Advisor: Larry Diamond
Thesis Title: Understanding Parler: Exploring the Evolution of an Unmoderated Platform and the Effect of Deplatforming on Extremist Communities  

Maggie Roache

Maggie Roache

Time: 10:10 am
Major: Political Science
Advisor: David Cohen
Thesis Title: Controversy in the Classroom: An Analysis of Spanish Secondary School Education on the Civil War, Dictatorship, and Democratization​ 

Adrian Scheibler

Adrian Scheibler

Time: 10:45 am
Major: International Relations
Advisor: Christophe Crombez
Thesis Title: Challenging the State: Western European Regionalism in the Era of Financial Crisis​ 

Alexandra Popke

Alexandra Popke

Time: 11:20 am
Major: International Relations
Advisor: Adam Bonica
Thesis Title: In Mail We Trust: Exploring the Effects of All-Mail Voting on Voter Turnout in the 2020 US Presidential Election 

José María Baus

Jose Maria Baus

Time: 11:55 am
Major: Political Science
Advisor: Michael Tomz
Thesis Title: Pursuing Credit: Sovereign Debtors’ Economic and Political Motivations to Oscillate in Creditor Selection



Time: 1:05 pm
Major: Political Science
Advisor: Francis Fukuyama
Thesis Title: Privacy in the COVID-19 Pandemic: Analyzing the Impact of the Length of Data Privacy Law Existence on Variation in COVID-19 Contact Tracing Apps 



Carolyn Chun

Time: 1:45 pm
Major: History
Advisor: Didi Kuo
Thesis Title: One Man, One Vote: Representational Equality, Prison Gerrymandering, and Reform 

Ravichandra Tadigadapa

Ravichandra Tadigadapa

Time: 2:20 pm
Major: Economics and International Relations
Advisor: Thomas Blom Hansen
Thesis Title: Who is Bharat Mata? Investigating the Intellectual History of the Uniform Civil Code as a Directive Principle of Indian State Policy 

José Luis Sabau

Jose Sabau

Time: 2:55 pm
Major: Political Science
Advisor: Alberto Díaz-Cayeros and Beatriz Magaloni
Thesis Title: A Democracy at What Cost? The Rise of Drug Cartels in Mexico's Democratic Transition