Program on Turkey

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The Program on Turkey

A platform for critical analysis and research on politics and society in Turkey

Who We Are

The Program on Turkey at CDDRL is a platform for critical analysis and research on politics and society in Turkey. Through research projects, speaker events, and conferences, the Program seeks to provide and facilitate an understanding of the changing internal dynamics and external relations of the country in connection with global and regional developments and highlight potential agents and viable pathways for a democratic and sustainable future.

New Course


The Middle East through Graphic Novel

A new course, taught by our faculty, Dr. Ayça Alemdaroğlu, and Dr. Burcu Karahan, examines the lives of youth in the Middle East through graphic novels. The course traces how youth learn and negotiate hierarchies of authority, class, gender, and violence; and how capitalism, colonialism, modernization, and patriarchy shape their experiences, relations, and politics. Graphic novels, a prevalent genre among young artists and writers, are a platform to get into the world of ordinary people making sense of the macro processes that affect them, their families, and friends. Reading their struggles, intimacy, and resilience stories will allow students an understanding of the Middle East beyond the conflict and deprivation in the headlines.

News & Publications

Tourists at the Hagia Sophia

Church, Mosque, Museum? Reflections on Monuments in Turkey and Spain

Police outside of Bogazici University

Bogaziçi Resists Authoritarian Control of the Academy in Turkey


Turkey’s Generation Z Turns Against Erdogan

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Professions of Friendship Revisiting the Concept of the Political in the Middle East

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How Authoritarians Win When They Lose


Erdogan Is Turning Turkey Into a Chinese Client State


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Draper Hills Summer Fellows Program

Draper Hills Summer Fellows Program at CDDRL is a three-week training program for global democratic leaders holding senior roles in their respective fields.
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Leadership Academy for Development

LAD trains mid-career government officials and business leaders from developing countries to help the private sector be a constructive force for economic growth and development.
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Pre- & Postdoctoral Fellowships

The Center welcomes applications from pre-doctoral students at the write-up stage and from post-doctoral scholars working in any of the four program areas of democracy, development, evaluating the efficacy of democracy promotion, and rule of law.
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Visiting Scholar Program

The Program on Turkey hosts leading scholars and practitioners to conduct and complete original research while in residence at CDDRL.