Digital campaign strategists of Obama & Romney to engage in an exciting discussion

Static websites, mailing lists, and blogs propelled Howard Dean to the chair of the Democratic National Committee in 2005. Dean’s campaign heralded a new era in the use of digital technology in election campaigns. Merely seven years later the role of technology in election campaigns has undergone a profound change. Digital strategy is so central to election campaigns today that it is difficult to imagine that it was only in the previous round of U.S. presidential elections that a digital strategist became a part of the core campaign team for a candidate. Digital strategists are no longer on the sidelines of election campaigns: they drive them. In a bid to understand this phenomenon, CDDRL's Program on Liberation Technology has invited key players from the Obama and Romney campaigns, and a Washington Post journalist who just published a book on this topic, for a discussion on Feb. 13, 2013.

The panel will explore the state of technology in election campaigns among democrats and republicans, its implication for democracy, and how technology will shape campaigns in the near future. 

The speakers include:

Nathanial Lubin: Director of digital marketing of the Obama campaign 2012

Zac Moffat: Chief digital strategist of the Romney campaign 2012

Sasha Issenberg: Author of “The Victory Lab: Secret Science of Winning Campaigns”

The panel is being organized by the Program on Liberation Technology along with Stanford In Government.  For details and RSVP, please see events section.