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Veruska Delfino, Agência de Redes Para Juventude (Network for Youth Agency)

  • Veruska Delfino

 Please note that this talk is in Portuguese. To view more media from the conference, please visit: ---------Speaker Bio: Veruska Delfino is a 26-year-old originally from Maranhão, in the Northeast of Brazil. She is an actress, producer and college student in theater. Her experience in production began with the theater company “Última Estação,” which was responsible for creating and presenting arts spectacles, festivals and arranging meetings for theater professionals in her hometown of Santa Cruz in Rio’s West zone. Veruska assumed production, creation and activism as working fields in 2008 when she acted as assistant producer of the program School-Neighborhood and the Movie Festival Iguaçuano in the Free School of Cinema in Nova Iguaçú. In 2010, she was the executive producer of “Apalpe: The Periphery’s Word,” a project that Veruska recognizes as being fundamental in the development of her individual understanding of the city, social and cultural actions, politics and youth in Rio. Some of her accomplishments from last year include the development of an article entitled Who Are Our Today’s Youth? What Are Their interests, Fears and Desires?, published in the 5th edition of the journal “Under 30” (a project from the social responsibility sector supported by Globo organizations) as well as an invitation to participate in the International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP), an initiative from the U.S. Department of State that promotes professional and personal exchange amongst international leaders in a variety of fields. In addition, since 2012, Veruska has been acting as the main Production Coordinator for the project “Agência de Redes Para Juventude” (Network for Youth Agency) that benefits youth living in Rio favelas and peripheries. ---------------- This presentation was presented during CDDRL's Program on Poverty and Governance's 2015 conference, "Educational and Entrepreneurial Initiatives to Support Youth in Places of Violence." The conference was held on April 28-29, 2015, at Stanford University. For more information on the Program on Poverty and Governance, please visit: For more information on Stanford's Center on Democracy, Development, and the Rule of Law, please visit: