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Francisco dos Santos, “People’s Images” from Favela’s Observatory

  • Francisco dos Santos

This talk is presented in Portuguese. To view more media from the conference, please visit: ----Speaker Bio:  Francisco Valdean Alves dos Santos, a 34-year-old originally from Ceará in the North of Brazil and a resident of Maré, is a documentary photographer, sociology teacher and Master’s student at the State University of Rio de Janeiro (UERJ). In 2004, Valdean graduated from the School of Popular Photographers – an initiative supported by Rio’s city government through the project “Rio Conscious Generation” and promoted in its Maré nucleus by Favela’s Observatory – that seeks to capacitate individuals from popular spaces to develop a critical understanding of their communities through documentary photography. From then on, Valdean has been actively involved in the documentation of cultural aspects of Rio favelas and the everyday life of its residents. He currently coordinates the project “People’s Images” from Favela’s Observatory (some of these images will be shown at the conference’s final event of the day, on Tuesday April 28th) and has presented his work in various arts expositions, including Rio-based events such as the “Accomplice Look” from Caixa Cultural, the “Sports in Favelas” from the Bank of Brazil Cultural Center, the collective “” as part of the “Summer of the Urgent Culture” event, as well as international events such as the “Art of Celebrating” exposition at Quebec’s Arto gallery in Canada. ----------- This presentation was presented during CDDRL's Program on Poverty and Governance's 2015 conference, "Educational and Entrepreneurial Initiatives to Support Youth in Places of Violence." The conference was held on April 28-29, 2015, at Stanford University. For more information on the Program on Poverty and Governance, please visit: For more information on Stanford's Center on Democracy, Development, and the Rule of Law, please visit: