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Alma Garcia, Cauce Ciudadano (Citizen Channel)

  • Alma Garcia, Activities Coordinator, Cauce Ciudadano

Please note that this talk is in Spanish. To view more media from the conference, please visit: ----Spe… Bio:  Alma Garcia was born in Mexico City on April 12, 1982. She has a Bachelor’s in Communication with a pre-specialization in Organizational Communication from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). Alma started volunteering with Cauce Ciudadano in January 2005, giving radio workshops for the project "Recognizing, exercising and communicating our sexual and reproductive rights, a tool on the web" aimed at empowering young women through participation in radio production and direction in issues related to sexual and reproductive rights. From 2005 onwards, she participated in various projects aimed at developing psychosocial skills and resilience in adolescents and young adults, mainly in public spaces in various states of Mexico (Querétaro, Morelos, Chihuahua and Monterrey). She also worked as a coordinator for the Community Center "Learning to Live." From 2012 to 2014, Alma managed the operational coordination of Cauce’s Community interventions at the national level. She was in charge of forming working teams in life skills, resilience and street work (including assisting in their process of systematization and evaluation), writing reports, doing public relations with funding agencies, and following up on projects. From 2008-2013, Alma coordinated the activities of Cauce Ciudadano in the state of Queretaro and from 2013 to date she works in the coordination of the state of Morelos. ---  This presentation was presented during CDDRL's Program on Poverty and Governance's 2015 conference, "Educational and Entrepreneurial Initiatives to Support Youth in Places of Violence." The conference was held on April 28-29, 2015, at Stanford University. For more information on the Program on Poverty and Governance, please visit: