Taiwan Politics

Research Pages

Taiwan Academy, Ministry of Culture, Taiwan

Other Think Tanks, Policy Institutes, Research Centers, and Advocacy Groups

Polling Data
Election Study Center, National Cheng Chi University
TVBS Poll Center
Taiwan Indicators Survey Research (TISR) (台灣指標民調)


Political Parties

Kuomintang/Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT)
Academic Journals
Journal of Electoral Studies (NCCU, Taipei, Taiwan)
Taiwan in Comparative Perspective, London School of Economics, Asia Research Centre
Taiwan Research Quarterly, China/Asia On Demand

News Sources

Taipei Times
China Post
Taiwan News
Pacific Times
Want China Times
Central News Agency (CNA) (in Chinese)
United Daily News (聯合報) (in Chinese)
China Times (中國時報) (in Chinese)
Liberty Times (自由時報) (in Chinese)
Apple Daily (蘋果日報) (in Chinese)
Commercial Times (工商時報) (in Chinese)

The Journalist (新新聞) (in Chinese)
Commonwealth Magazine (天下雜誌) (in Chinese; English version here)
Next Magazine (台灣壹週刊) (in Chinese)

Television Networks
PTS (Public Television Service) (in English)
CTV (China Television) (in Chinese)
CTS (Chinese Television System) (in Chinese)
TTV (Taiwan Television) (in Chinese)
FTV (Formosa Television) (in Chinese)

Cable and Satellite
SET (San Li) (in Chinese; English version here)
ETV (Era Television)
TVBS (Television Broadcasts Satellite)
TITV (Taiwan Indigenous Television)
Hakka TV (in Chinese; English version here)

Online News and Newsletters
Global Taiwan Brief
Thinking Taiwan (Affiliated w/ Tsai Ing-wen Foundation)
The Ketagalan Project
Formosa Electronic News (美麗島電子報) (in Chinese)
Newtalk Taiwan (新頭殼) (in Chinese)
Storm Media (風傳體) (in Chinese)