Dorothy Cotton teaching a citizenship education class in Alabama, 1966.


The World House project provides access to thousands of original documents, including photographs, films, audio recordings, in addition to relevant publications and teaching material pertaining to Dr. King's life, legacy, and the global freedom struggles he inspired.

Educational Resources

The Liberation Curriculum Collection provides document-based lesson plans, online educational resources, and historical materials pertaining to the modern Freedom Struggle and Martin Luther King, Jr.'s vision of a just and peaceful world. Currently directed by Dr. Mira S. Foster, this educational initiative seeks to transform the way students acquire and apply knowledge about the past.

liberation curriculum

Lesson Plans

The Liberation Curriculum is a collection of free and universally accessible lesson plans developed for students (of all ages) interested in exploring global, nonviolent struggles for freedom and equality. Each lesson plan focuses on a specific topic and invites students to learn and interpret history through analysis of primary sources, classroom activities, and discussions. The Curriculum is inspired by Martin Luther King, Jr.'s concept of the World House, a place in which all people have to learn to live together.


Welcome to the World House Podcast, a series of interviews exploring the life of Martin Luther King, Jr., and his vision of a just and peaceful world. Listen to Dr. Clayborne Carson, founding director of The Martin Luther King, Jr. Research and Education Institute at Stanford and Dr. Mira Foster, Director of the Liberation Curriculum, as they discuss topics related to Martin Luther King, Jr., and the freedom struggles he inspired.
Andy Young, Martin Luther King Jr., Greenwood, AL people to people speaking tour 1966.

Online Course

Enjoy this extraordinary course with on-location filming of places where Dr. King lived and led the civil rights movement during the 1950s and '60s. Each class brings to life the stories of King's life journey with personal commentary from Professor Clayborne Carson. Follow Dr. King’s path from the benches of Ebenezer Baptist Church, to the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, to the Lorraine Motel, and become re-inspired by the minister, the leader, the visionary.


Visit the King Encyclopedia for information on over 300 civil rights movement figures, events, and organizations. Additional resources include a freedom struggle chronology and featured documents.


View our selected primary source documents on the African American Freedom Struggle and search thousands of Dr. King related records at our Online King Records Access (OKRA) database.


The King Events Chronology focuses on the major events of Martin Luther King's life. For more detailed accounts of King's activities within each time period visit our volume chronologies.

Recommended Readings

In addition to our educational resources, here is a running list of additional books about Martin Luther King's life and work, and the black freedom struggle.