Middle East Journal of Culture and Communication

Founding Editors:

  • Lina Khatib - Stanford University
  • Tarik Sabry - University of Westminster
  • Dina Matar - SOAS, University of London
  • John L Esposito - Georgetown University

Coordinating Editor:

  • Gholam Khiabany - London Metropolitan University

Reviews Editor:

  • Helga Tawil-Souri - New York University


The Middle East Journal of Culture and Communication provides a transcultural academic sphere that engages Middle Eastern and Western scholars in a critical dialogue about culture, communication and politics in the Middle East. It also provides a forum for debate on the region’s encounters with modernity and the ways in which this is reshaping people’s everyday experiences.

MEJCC’s long-term objective is to provide a vehicle for developing the field of study into communication and culture in the Middle East. The Journal encourages work that reconceptualizes dominant paradigms and theories of communication to take into account local cultural particularities. MEJCC also supports work that challenges the static and suzerain epistemological frameworks through which the Middle East has been represented and perceived.

The Journal provides a platform for diverse and interdisciplinary work, including original research papers from within and outside the Middle East, reviews and review articles, to investigate transformations in communication, culture and politics in the region.


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