Drafting Egypt's New Constitution Policy Paper

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BDC-Stanford Project on Arab Transitions, Vol. 1

March 2012

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This is the first paper in the BDC-Stanford Project on Arab Transitions series, authored Dr. Tamir Moustafa of Simon Fraser University in Canada and entitled “Drafting Egypt’s New Constitution: Can a New Legal Framework Revive a Flawed Transition?”. Using Egypt as a case study, Moustafa, author of The Struggle for Constitutional Power: Law, Politics, and Economic Development in Egypt , highlights the deficiencies of the constitution-writing process there to serve as an example to other Arab countries as they embark on their own national projects. In addition, Moustafa offers key recommendations to the international community, as well as to Egypt’s Constituent Assembly on the various statutes, provisions, and conditions that should be included in the document to ensure that human rights protections, judicial independence, and institutions of governance are enforced.

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