Voices from Syria Narrate Stories of Revolution and Conflict

How can we make sense of the tragedy in Syria? Northwestern University political scientist Wendy Pearlman has conducted open-ended interviews with more than 300 displaced Syrians across the Middle East and Europe from 2012 to 2017. She has brought together these personal stories in the acclaimed new book, We Crossed a Bridge and It Trembled: Voices from Syria (HarperCollins 2017). In a talk dated February 7, 2018, Pearlman shared a selection of voices from the book, along with her own commentary and analysis, to explain the origins and evolution of the Syrian conflict, as well as what it has been like for the ordinary people who have lived its unfolding. Co-hosted by the Program on Arab Reform and Democracy and the Abbasi Program in Islamic Studies, the talk offered a humanistic interpretation of the current conflict in Syria and how it has transformed those who have experienced it. The video of the talk is available through the link below.