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Scholars Examine Egypt’s Political Landscape on the Eve of the January 25 Revolution’s 5th Anniversary


With the nearing of the fifth anniversary of the January 25 Revolution, this panel examines the nature of politics under the rule of the current military sponsored regime in Egypt. What implications will the recent legislative elections have for political stability and the cohesion of the ruling coalition? How is the regime responding to the various economic challenges it currently confronts? In what ways has the persistence of state repression affected and shaped the space for political contestation and resistance?


Joel Beinin
Donald J. McLachlan Professor of History,
Stanford University

Lisa Blaydes
Associate Professor of Political Science,
Stanford University

Amr Hamzawy
ARD Visiting Scholar,
CDDRL, Stanford University

Nancy Okail
Executive Director,
The Tahrir Institute for Middle East Policy
(via Skype)

Hesham Sallam
Associate Director, ARD
CDDRL, Stanford University

Larry Diamond
Senior Fellow, FSI; 
Senior Fellow Hoover Institute,
Stanford University