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The September 2004 Beslan Terrorist Incident: New Findings

July 2009

In 2006, I published a book containing a lengthy chapter entitled "Beslan: Russia's 9/11?" that was devoted to the September 2004 Beslan hostage crisis.

International Law, Fifth Edition

July 2007

Thoroughly updated to keep pace with the many new developments in international law, the Fifth Edition of this popular casebook covers the core topics, basic doctrines, and a broad range of foreign...

Law, Just War, and the International Fight Against Terrorism: Is it War?

December 2005

Allen S.

Revolving Gridlock: Politics And Policy from Jimmy Carter to George W. Bush (Transforming American Politics)

July 2005

Despite the early prospects for bipartisan unity on terrorism initiatives, government gridlock continues on most major issues in the wake of the 2004 elections.

Addressing State Failure

July 2005

In today's increasingly interconnected world, weak and failed states pose an acute risk to U.S. and global security.

Beyond Incrementalism: A New U.S. Strategy for Dealing with Iran

May 2005

In the coming years, few if any countries will more preoccupy the foreign policy attention of the United States than Iran.

New Threat of Terror in the Western Hemisphere, A

January 2003

In its relations with Peru, the United States has historically placed greatest emphasis on fighting the war on drugs.

The Liberty Doctrine: Reclaiming the Purpose of American Power

April 2002

The immediate response of President Bush and his administration to the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks against the United States was superb, both purposeful and principled a military,...

Building a World of Liberal Democracies

December 2001

Since the disintegration of the Soviet Union, questions have arisen as to which course the United States should sail in the new international order.

Preventive Defense in Central Asia

October 2001

The Bush administration has right stated that we are and must be prepared to use the full arsenal of our defense capabilities to respond to the heinous acts of terrorism directed against the United...


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