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Between Cyclops and Leviathan: Violence, Order, and Legitimacy at the Urban Margins

April 2016

Abstract:Ongoing crises of urban insecurity in Central America have spurred novel forms of state engagement in high-risk neighbourhoods.

Brenda Jarillo, How the Mexican Drug War Affects Kids and Schools

June 2015

This talk is presented in English. To view more media from the conference, please visit: http://cddrl.fsi.stanford.edu/multimedia/povgov-conference-2015 ----Speaker Bio:  Brenda Jarillo Rabling is a Postdoctoral Scholar in the Program of Poverty...

The Beheading of Criminal Organizations and the Dynamics of Violence in Mexico

May 2015

Event Description:In 2006 the Mexican government launched an aggressive campaign to weaken drug-trafficking organizations (DTOs).


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