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Contagion Deterred: Preemptive Authoritarianism in the Former Soviet Union (the Case of Belarus)

June 2006

The wave of democratic electoral revolutions in the Eastern Europe and post-Communist Eurasia revived one of the most appealing and at the same time disputable arguments in the theory of...

Global Democracy?

December 2005

In this Article, we describe an emerging arena of global administration.

Human Rights and Citizenship: The Emergence of Human Rights Education

August 2004

A recurring theme in the sociology of education is that schooling produces citizenship or a sense of membership in the nation-state.

Borders and Growth

August 2004

This paper presents a framework to understand and measure the effects of political borders on economic growth and per capita income levels.

Four Meanings of Sovereignty

December 2003

Since Jean Bodin and Thomas Hobbes, political theorists have depicted the state as "sovereign" because it holds preeminent authority over all the denizens belonging to its geographically defined...

Sovereignty and Intervention

December 1995

Under the Westphalian system of international order, each nation is understood to be sovereign and its borders are seen as inviolate.