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The Transformation of the Arab World

July 2012

In this article, Oliver Roy argues that in order to grasp what is happening in the Middle East, a number of deep-rooted prejudices must be set aside.

Rousseau: A Free Community of Equals

December 2010

In famously beautiful and laconic prose, Jean- Jacques Rousseau presents us a forceful picture of a democratic society, in which we live together as free and equal, and our politics focuses on the...

Political Change in China: Comparisons with Taiwan

June 2008

How might China become a democracy? And what lessons, if any, might Taiwan's experience of democratization hold for China's future?

Tracking Civil Liberty in Latin American and (Post-)Communist Countries

September 2006

The paper utilizes a new dataset on civil liberties covering 20 Latin American and 28 post-communist countries from 1977 to 2003.

Defining and Founding Civil Liberty

May 2006

In order to facilitate a subsequent operationalization of civil liberty, the paper attempts to define and ground civil liberty on the basis of liberal political philosophy/theory as this tradition...

No Longer Complacent?: Why Israeli Women Did Not Rebel

December 2005

Why did Israeli women not fight for social equality until the late 1980s? And what changed their individual and collective willingness to act?

World Religions and Democracy

March 2005

Can religion be compatible with liberal democracy?

Refocusing American Policy towards Russia: Theory and Practice

April 1998

The next time Bill Clinton and Boris Yeltsin meet at a U.S.-Russian summit,three kinds of issues will dominate their agenda's arms control, regional conflicts,and human rights.


Saumitra Jha Senior Fellow, FSI, Associate Professor of Political Economy, GSB