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Information, Female Empowerment and Governance in Oaxaca, Mexico [Feb. 2015]

February 2015

Traditional community rules are formally recognized in multiple constitutions across Latin America.

The Gendered Dimensions of Sex Trafficking

June 2012

Work Satisfaction, Trauma and Economic Insecurity: Post-tsunami Sri Lanka

January 2009

This paper considers the links between the extent of economic security and subjective work satisfaction.

Gender, Citizenship and Political Agency in Lebanon

December 2008

Polygyny, Fertility, and Savings

December 2005

Sub-Saharan Africa has a high incidence of polygyny.

No Longer Complacent?: Why Israeli Women Did Not Rebel

December 2005

Why did Israeli women not fight for social equality until the late 1980s? And what changed their individual and collective willingness to act?

Demographic Transition and the Sexual Division of Labor, The

September 2005

This paper presents a theory where increases in female labor force participation and reductions in the gender wage-gap are generated as part of the same process of demographic transition that leads...

Equality and Difference: Regional Courts and Women's Human Rights

September 2004

Women's human rights lie at the intersection of two intellectual and political movements: gender equality, and multiculturalism.

Contemporary Identity Explosion, The: Individualizing Society in the Post-War Period

March 2002

In recent decades, the individual has become more and more central in both national and world cultural accounts of the operation of society.


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