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Russia's Stalled Democracy

March 2000

Russia today is an electoral democracy. Political leaders come to power through the ballot box. They are not appointed by the Central Committee of the Communist Party.

Why Russia's Politics Matter

January 1995

The neoliberal economic and political models used by Western analysts to explain Russia's recent transformation ignore the interrelationship between the economy and politics.

What Democracy Assistance Is and Is Not

January 2005

Events in Ukraine have inspired most people living in the free world.

Russian Democracy in Eclipse: What the Elections Tell Us

July 2004

Although Russia's most recent presidential and parliamentary ballots witnessed worrisomely lopsided victories for incumbent president Vladimir Putin and the Kremlin-backed United Russia party, they...

Russian Electoral Trends

December 2001

What went wrong in Russias decade-old post-communist transition?

Time Ripe for Yabloko

September 1997

The 1996 presidential election marked the end of polarized politics in Russia.

New Kind of Candidate

July 1997

Last week, two critical elections took place, one for governor in Nizhny Novgorod and one for mayor in Samara.

Lebed: the Next Hope?

February 1997

A new conventional wisdom is emerging among analysts, journalists, and even some government officials in the West who see former Security Council chairman Alexander Lebed as the last great hope for...

U.S. Needs to Support Free and Fair Elections in Russia

December 1995

The increasing prospect of a communist and nationalist victory in Russia's parliamentary elections this month has fueled doubts about whether Russia's presidential election, scheduled for next June...

Russia Under Putin: One Step Forward, Two Steps Backward

July 2000

Russia's March 2000 presidential election represents one step forward and two steps back for Russian democracy.

Authoritarian and Democratic Responses to Financial Meltdown in Russia

July 1999

The most surprising outcome of Russia's recent financial meltdown has been the demonstration of democracy's resilience, not its weakness.

Russia's 1999 Parliamentary Elections: Party Consolidation and Fragmentation

January 2000

In the wake of Yeltsin's unexpected resignation on 31 December 1999 and the apparent inevitability of Putin's electoral victory in the March 2000 presidential election, the 1999 December...

Changing Function of Elections in Russian Politics, The

December 1999

Five years have passed since the collapse of the Soviet Union, and a new political and economic system has evolved in Russia.

Russia's 'Privatized' State as an Impediment to Democratic Consolidation Part I

April 1998

Russia appears to have made tremendous progress in becoming a democracy in recent years. In December 1995, Russian citizens voted in parliamentary elections.

Russia's Choice: The Perils of Revolutionary Democracy

December 1998

In December 1993, for the first time since the formation of Russia's anti-communist movement in the late 1980s, advocates of radical economic and political reform -- represented in this election by...

Russia on the Eve of the 1999 Duma Elections

December 2000

The first product of the Carnegie Moscow Center's research on the 1999 Duma elections.

Russia's Rough Ride

December 1997

At first glance, the process of democratic transition and consolidation in Russia - and the postcommunist world in general - seems similar to that in other countries that are part of the "third...

Russia Between Elections: The Vanishing Center

April 1996

On 17 December 1995, Russian voters elected representatives to the Duma, the lower house of parliament.

Demilitarization and Defense Conversion

December 1995

In this book, distinguished U.S. and Russian scholars analyze the great challenges confronting post-Communist Russia and examine the Yeltsin government's attempts to deal with them.

Party Formation and Non-Formation in Russia

May 2000

A party system is an essential attribute of a democratic policy. No parties, no democracy.

Elections Without Democracy: Thinking about Hybrid Regimes

April 2002

Many countries have adopted the form of democracy with little of its substance. This makes the task of classifying regimes more difficult, but also more important.

Consolidating Democracies

December 2002

The first edition of Comparing Democracies was a landmark text, providing students with a thematic introduction to the global study of elections and voting.

The Rule of Law as Transition to Democracy in China

December 2003

This paper assesses Pan Wei's proposal for a 'consultative rule of law system' for China, finding it a potentially important step along the path of political reform.

Politics in Developing Countries

December 1995

This second edition of the highly regarded Politics in Developing Countries again presents case studies of experiences with democracy in Asia, Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East, along with...


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