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The World Institutionalization of Education

December 2000

New theories and theory-based methodological approaches have found their way into Comparative Education - just as into Comparative Social Science more generally - in increasing number in the recent...

What Counts as History: A Cross-national and Longitudinal Study of University Curricula

February 2000

Within the sociological and educational literatures, there is a dearth of comparative and longitudinal work on changes in university curricula.

Organizational Integration in Lesotho Primary Education: Loose Coupling as Problem and Solution

December 1999

This book provides provocative material for training to foster dialogue about development strategies and policies in education.

Training and Certifying "Unqualified" Teachers in Namibia

December 1998

This book provides multiple perspectives on reform within the Namibian education system during the first 5 years after independence.

How Soviet Physicists Caught Up

December 1997

The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists has grown up along with world politics and has, since 1945, offered a special perspective on issues of peace, security, and global well-being.

Structural Determinants of Student Political Activity: A Comparative Interpretation

January 1972

The argument is advanced that the level of university student political activity in a society tends to reflect the degree to which the student social status is developed and formulated as a social...

Evaluating the Effect of School and Teacher Incentives: Quasi-Experimental Evidence from Mexico

January 1900

Merit‐based incentives are a topic of growing interest in labor economics due to their potential to increase performance for private and public employees.