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Addressing State Failure

July 2005

In today's increasingly interconnected world, weak and failed states pose an acute risk to U.S. and global security.

Building Democracy After Conflict: Lessons from Iraq

January 2005

The U.S.-led reconstruction effort has so far failed to establish democratic institutions in Iraq.

Do Democratic Transitions Produce Bad Economic Outcomes?

January 2005

Several influential commentators have suggested recently that democratization in developing countries produces political instability, ethnic conflict, and poor economic outcomes.

Promoting Real Reform in Africa

December 2004

After more than a decade of reform efforts in Africa, much of the optimism over the continent's prospects has been replaced by widespread "Afropessimism." But to what extent is either view well...

Ruling Parties and Durable Authoritarianism

October 2004

The field of authoritarian subtypes has usefully described the third wave's undercurrent, an international trend toward plebiscitarian politics among persistent dictatorships.

Identity, Social Distance, and Palestinian Support for the Roadmap

August 2004

Suicide attacks occur in the context of a conflict between warring groups, supported by an organization and sometimes even by families and communities which proudly sacrifice their children.

Building Democratic Peace in the Eastern Mediterranean: An Inevitably Ambitious Agenda

August 2004

The conundrum is plain to anyone who wants to see it.

The Evolution of Political Knowledge

December 2003

Over the course of the last century, political scientists have been moved by two principal purposes.

Globalization, Power and Authority

December 2003

The basic argument of this article is that the globalization perspective in all of its variations (and there are many) exaggerates the amount of change in the contemporary global system.

The Quality of Two Liberal Democracies in Africa: Ghana and South Africa

December 2003

While the Third Wave of Democracy swept through many African countries in the 1990s, South Africa and Ghana stand out as two of the continent’s real success stories politically.

Islam and Democracy in the Middle East

December 2003

Islam and Democracy in the Middle East provides a comprehensive assessment of the origins and staying power of Middle East autocracies, as well as a sober account of the struggles of state...

Civil Wars and State-Building in Africa and Eurasia

December 2002

This book compares sub-Saharan Africa and the former Soviet Union, two regions beset by the breakdown of states suffering from extreme official corruption, organized crime extending into warlordism...

Institutional Design, Ethnic Conflict Management, and Democracy in Nigeria

December 2002

Reynolds brings together the leading scholars to discuss the successes and failures of constitutional design.

Foreword to "Federalism and Ethnic Conflict in Nigeria"

December 2001

Nigeria is Africa's most populous country; its citizens are perhaps the best educated on the continent. It is the world's sixth-largest producer of oil.

Reflections on Education as Transcendence

December 2000

For almost two centuries, Americans expected that their public schools would cultivate the personal, moral, and social development of individual students, create citizens, and bind diverse groups...

Crude Calculations: OPEC Lessons for Caspian Leaders

December 2000

This timely study is the first to examine the relationship between competition for energy resources and the propensity for conflict in the Caspian region.

Africa's Scramble for Africa: Lessons of a Continental War

July 2000

The war in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), which began in August 1998, is unprecedented-at times involving armies from eight African states.

The Westphalian Model and Minority-Rights Guarantees in Europe

December 1998

The wave of ethnic conflict that has recently swept across parts of Eastern Europe, the former Soviet Union, and Africa has led many political observers to fear that these conflicts are contagious....

The Precarious Peace: Domestic Politics in the Making of Russian Foreign Policy

January 1998

Throughout the history of the modern world, domestic regime change- be it democratization, autocratization, decolonization, decommunization, federal dissolution, coups, or revolutions- has often...

World Society and the Nation-state

July 1997

The authors analyze the nation-state as a worldwide institution constructedby worldwide cultural and associational processes, developing four main topics: (1) properties of nation-states that...

Promoting Democracy in the 1990s: Actors and Instruments, Issues and Imperatives

December 1995

In a world full of ethnocentrism, prejudice, and violent conflict, there is a vital need for core democratic values to resolve ethnic and religious conflicts and to prevent their escalation to...

Nationalism, Ethnic Conflict, and Democracy

December 1994

After an introduction by the volume editors, the book offers a look at the complex relationship between nationalism and democracy.

The Globalization of Democracy

December 1992

Much has been written already about the changed international system of the 1990s, projecting the configuration of a restructured Europe, the future role of the former Soviet republics and the...

El Salvador's Negotiated Revolution

April 1992

The war in El Salvador is over.