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Development and Practice of Arbitration in India --Has It Evolved as an Effective Legal Institution?

October 2009

The significant increase in the role of international trade in the economic development of nations over the last few decades has been accompanied by a considerable increase in the number of...

World Society: The Writings of John W. Meyer

July 2009

A book by John W. Meyer and about John W. Meyer, reviewing four decades of scholarship and current work. Georg Krucken and Gili S.

Crime, War and Global Trafficking: Designing International Cooperation

July 2009

Globalization creates lucrative opportunities for traffickers of drugs, dirty money, blood diamonds, weapons, and other contraband.

Scientization: Making a World Safe for Organizing

December 2006

Globalization involves a profound re-ordering of our world with the proliferation everywhere of rules and transnational modes of governance.

Helping the Poor to Help Themselves: Debt Relief or Aid?

December 2006

Recent world events have created a compelling need for new perspectives and realistic solutions to the problem of sovereign debt.

Scientization: Making a World Safe for Organization

July 2006

All around the world, societies are experiencing an explosion of organizations and organizing: community clubs, religious groups, social movements, as well as schools, hospitals, businesses and...

Extra Rempublicam Nulla Justitia?

March 2006

In a world of rivalrous states whose peoples are connected ever more directly by globalization, Thomas Nagel has forcefully reasserted a classical thesis of early modern political thought: outside...

Avoid Hubris and Other Lessons for Reformers

August 2004

The past two decades have seen a worldwide shift to markets. Globalization has opened domestic markets to international competition.

Globalization, Power and Authority

December 2003

The basic argument of this article is that the globalization perspective in all of its variations (and there are many) exaggerates the amount of change in the contemporary global system.

Science in the Modern World Polity: Institutionalization and Globalization

December 2003

Synthesizing decades of sociological work at Stanford University on the development of the modern nation-state system since World War II, contributors argue that striking similarities increasingly...

Globalization and the Expansion and Standardization of Management

December 2002

Recent decades have witnessed a dramatic expansion of management education and practice.

Civil Wars and State-Building in Africa and Eurasia

December 2002

This book compares sub-Saharan Africa and the former Soviet Union, two regions beset by the breakdown of states suffering from extreme official corruption, organized crime extending into warlordism...

Abiding Sovereignty

July 2001

Over the several hundred years during which the rules of sovereignty including non-intervention and the exclusion of external authority have been widely understood, state control could never be...

Globalization: Sources and Effects on National States and Societies

June 2000

The world polity and cultural system are relatively stateless, but they legitimate strong nation-state identities as the dominant actors.

The Rationalization and Organization of Nature in the World Culture

December 1999

This book illuminates the central role played by international nongovernmental organizations (INGOs) in the emergence and development of a comprehensive world polity.

Globalization and Sovereignty

December 1999

Globalization and the role of the state are issues at the forefront of contemporary debates.

Sovereignty: Organized Hypocrisy

December 1999

The acceptance of human rights and minority rights, the increasing role of international financial institutions, and globalization have led many observers to question the continued viability of the...

The Limits to Competition

December 1995

How can Europe, the United States, and Japan stop the technological, trade, and financial war on which they have increasingly and wastefully embarked?

The Globalization of Democracy

December 1992

Much has been written already about the changed international system of the 1990s, projecting the configuration of a restructured Europe, the future role of the former Soviet republics and the...