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From California Dreaming to Silicon Success: The Rise of China's Semiconductor Industry

October 18, 2005

For years policymakers in China have advocated creating "Silicon Valleys" in China, but only recently has China's semiconductor industry taken off.

Challenges and Realities of Software Development in China

October 4, 2005

China's software industry is at an inflexion point. For the past decade, China has been in the shadow of India's spectacular success in the IT outsourcing industry.

The 'Upstream' Problem in Constitutionalism

May 18, 2005

Eugene Mazo is a post-doctoral fellow and research scholar at CDDRL, a John M.

We Are All Pingpu: Notes on the Pingpu Identity in Contemporary Taiwanese Society

May 18, 2005

Since the 1980s, simultaneous trends in Taiwan toward globalization and localization have contributed to people's construction of a past promoting local solidarity.

Quest for the Next Wave of High Tech Industry Growth

April 17, 2003

The trend for globalization of high-tech industries has gained momentum during the last few years. In particular, the Asia Pacific region has become an increasingly important market for U.S.