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The Demise of the World Revolutionary Process: Soviet-Angolan Relations Under Gorbachev

March 1990

We can proudly say that at no time in human history has a political movement and ideological trend played such a tremendous transformative role as the international communist and working class...

Russia: The Election of '96

December 1997

The historic events of the 1996 presidential election appear to point to true progress in making a Russian democracy.

A Win for Democracy

July 1995

After Chechnya, many analysts predicted that Russia's flirtation with democracy was over.

Russia Under Putin: One Step Forward, Two Steps Backward

July 2000

Russia's March 2000 presidential election represents one step forward and two steps back for Russian democracy.

Russia's 1999 Parliamentary Elections: Party Consolidation and Fragmentation

January 2000

In the wake of Yeltsin's unexpected resignation on 31 December 1999 and the apparent inevitability of Putin's electoral victory in the March 2000 presidential election, the 1999 December...

Reform during Revolution: Foreward to "Days of Defeat and Victory"

December 1999

Yegor Gaidar, the first post-Soviet prime minister of Russia and one of the principal architects of its historic transformation to a market economy, here presents his lively account of governing in...

Democracy Unfolds in Russia

October 1997

Superpresidentialism, ambiguous federalism, the weakness of political parties and labor and civic organizations, the inordinate strength of big business, and the virtual absence of the rule of law...

Russia Between Elections: The Vanishing Center

April 1996

On 17 December 1995, Russian voters elected representatives to the Duma, the lower house of parliament.

Revolutionary Transformations in Comparative Perspective: Defining a Post-Communist Research Agenda

December 1996

Reading the collected works of Alexander Dallin bears little distinction from reviewing the entire history of the Soviet Union.

Agency Problems in the Privatization of Large Enterprises in Russia

May 1994

The Russian privatization program has been heralded as the crown jewel of Russia's economic reform.

Russian Politics: The Calm Before the Storm?

October 1994

Presidential Decree No. 1400 issued September 23, 1993, fundamentally altered the course of Russia's political transition.

Foreword to "China and Democracy: The Prospect for a Democratic China"

December 2000

This timely collection brings together many well-known scholars to systematically explore China's current government and assess that transition toward democracy.

The Global State of Democracy

December 2000

The progress of democracy in the world over the last quarter-century has been nothing less than remarkable. . . .

Iraq and Democracy: The Lessons Learned

January 2006

LARRY DIAMOND, a Current History contributing editor, is a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University and the author of Squandered Victory: The American Occupation and the...

Building a World of Liberal Democracies

December 2001

Since the disintegration of the Soviet Union, questions have arisen as to which course the United States should sail in the new international order.

Promoting Democracy in the 1990s: Actors and Instruments, Issues and Imperatives

December 1995

In a world full of ethnocentrism, prejudice, and violent conflict, there is a vital need for core democratic values to resolve ethnic and religious conflicts and to prevent their escalation to...

Nigeria's Struggle for Democracy and Good Governance: A Festschrift for Oyeleye Oyediran

December 2004

Why does Nigeria have a history of failed republics, failed governance as well as false starts and dead-ends on the path to economic development, social coherence, and peace?

The Evolution of Political Knowledge

December 2003

Over the course of the last century, political scientists have been moved by two principal purposes.

Africa's Scramble for Africa: Lessons of a Continental War

July 2000

The war in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), which began in August 1998, is unprecedented-at times involving armies from eight African states.

The Premises of Policy

December 2002

This unique collection of primary documents and important scholarly articles tells the fascinating and tragic story of Russia's twentieth century.

What Counts as History: A Cross-national and Longitudinal Study of University Curricula

February 2000

Within the sociological and educational literatures, there is a dearth of comparative and longitudinal work on changes in university curricula.

Divided Memories and Reconciliation: A Progress Report

September 2008

In February 2008, an international conference was convened at Stanford University at the Shorenstein Asia-Pacific Research Center to examine the role of high school history textbooks in the...

Cross-coupling of International and National Law: Labour Market Nondiscrimination Legislation for Women, 1958-2005

January 2009

When and why do nation states pass labour market non-discrimination legislation for women?

Evaluating External Influence on Democratic Development: Transition

March 2009

Just as political comparativists have tended to screen out international factors, international relations theorists and international lawyers concentrate on international outcomes and have been...