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Political Transitions: Democracy and the Former Soviet Union

April 2006

The defeat of the Aug 1991 coup attempt in Moscow marked one of the most euphoric moments in Russian history.

Institutions and the Path to the Modern Economy: Lessons from Medieval Trade

March 2006

It is widely believed that current disparities in economic, political, and social outcomes reflect distinct institutions.

Iraq and Democracy: The Lessons Learned

January 2006

LARRY DIAMOND, a Current History contributing editor, is a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University and the author of Squandered Victory: The American Occupation and the...

Russia and the West: A Dangerous Drift

October 2005

Generally, Western leaders have reacted favorably to the integrationist push for a "common European home" from first the Soviet Union and then Russia over the past two decades.

Democracy Promotion as a World Value

January 2005

Since the September 11 attacks, President George W. Bush has rhetorically pledged to make the promotion of democracy abroad a primary objective of U.S.

When All Else Fails: International Adjudication of Human Rights Abuse Claims, 1976-1999

January 2005

Although interest among sociologists in the consolidation and expansion of an international human rights regime has grown in recent years, little attention is accorded the formal procedures that...

Nigeria's Struggle for Democracy and Good Governance: A Festschrift for Oyeleye Oyediran

December 2004

Why does Nigeria have a history of failed republics, failed governance as well as false starts and dead-ends on the path to economic development, social coherence, and peace?

Reengaging Russia: A New Agenda

October 2004

"If Russia eventually reverts to a full-blown autocratic regime, it is not inconceivable that tension and competition once again will define Russian-American relations.

Enlargement Strategy and its Progeny, The

October 2004

The fifth enlargement round (Enlargement) of the European Union (EU), which took place on May 1st 2004, is rightly recognized to be a momentous landmark in the history of modern European...

Global Standards; Global Growth?

August 2004

This volume centers on the movement toward global legal standards, an increasingly recognized dimension of the quest to improve the rule of law.

The Evolution of Political Knowledge

December 2003

Over the course of the last century, political scientists have been moved by two principal purposes.

Yeltsin's Russia

December 2003

The third volume of The Cambridge History of Russia provides an authoritative political, intellectual, social and cultural history of the trials and triumphs of Russia and the Soviet Union during...

Reinventing the bazaar : a natural history of markets

November 2003

From the wild swings of the stock market to the online auctions of eBay to the unexpected twists of the world's post-Communist economies, markets have suddenly become quite visible.

The Premises of Policy

December 2002

This unique collection of primary documents and important scholarly articles tells the fascinating and tragic story of Russia's twentieth century.

Russia's Unfinished Revolution: Political Change from Gorbachev to Putin

December 2002

For centuries, dictators ruled Russia. Tsars and Communist Party chiefs were in charge for so long some analysts claimed Russians had a cultural predisposition for authoritarian leaders.

George W. Bush and Russia

October 2002

"Why the major reversal in Bush's thinking on Russia? Most have attributed this amazing transformation to September 11. . . . But September 11 is only part of the story."

Building a World of Liberal Democracies

December 2001

Since the disintegration of the Soviet Union, questions have arisen as to which course the United States should sail in the new international order.

Realistic Engagement: A New Approach to American-Russian Relations

October 2001

"Russian and American leaders have to define a United States-Russian relationship that neither rekindles cold war rivalry nor refuels illusions about alliances and special relationships.

Ten Years After the Soviet Breakup: A Mixed Record, An Uncertain Future

October 2001

The defeat of the Communist hard-liners' August 1991 coup attempt marked one of the most euphoric moments in Russian history.

Foreword to "China and Democracy: The Prospect for a Democratic China"

December 2000

This timely collection brings together many well-known scholars to systematically explore China's current government and assess that transition toward democracy.

The Global State of Democracy

December 2000

The progress of democracy in the world over the last quarter-century has been nothing less than remarkable. . . .

Putin in Power

October 2000

"During the Yeltsin years, it became fashionable in the West to cite Russia's weak state as the source of Russia's ills.

Africa's Scramble for Africa: Lessons of a Continental War

July 2000

The war in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), which began in August 1998, is unprecedented-at times involving armies from eight African states.

Russia Under Putin: One Step Forward, Two Steps Backward

July 2000

Russia's March 2000 presidential election represents one step forward and two steps back for Russian democracy.